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About Diamond Astrology

An Experienced Inspirational Reader at Your Service

I have been a professional reader & healer for more than 30 years, and all of this began when I was just a child. Because of my spiritual gift of hypersensitive empathy and vision through my senses, I can easily tap into your energy. This helps me see the reason for your blocked energy. Sending you angel feathers to remind you they are there. God, has a key to your treasure.

If you want to explore self-enlightenment or have any questions regarding career or pet matters, I am here to assist you. Aside from these, I specialize in new love relationships and family issues. I will help you become empowered and bring the best things to your life. In this way, you can achieve correct spiritual alignment. Jesus, is the truth, life, and the way. Our lord & Savior.

My Mission

I am committed to helping you create abundance in love and success from consciousness, rather than old thought patterns. It is my goal to connect to your energy and life force using my spiritual guides and angel cards. I also strive to help you embrace and understand yourself and teach you how to manifest your dreams. Love & Light. In addition, I can give you Astrology Predictions.

Know that I am only a spiritual guide to the angels; you must have an open mind and learn to listen carefully. If you do this, you can experience all the benefits from your reading & healing.



When delivering messages, I always do it in a straightforward but compassionate manner, spliced with humor and uplifting cheer. I also pride myself on being positive about everything we do in life, being detail-oriented, and providing as much accuracy as possible. In this way, I help you open new beginnings in your relationships with friends and family.

My primary tools are palmistry and cards, which I utilize to connect with you on the physical plane. Energetically, I draw from my inborn clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities to further connect. As a medium, I am able to communicate with those in spirit who wish to be heard. Diamond, is renowned among her clients and fellow readers as being highly accurate in her revelations of the hidden and unknown.

With my help, you’ll realize that there are always new beginnings and transformations coming in your life. The doors are always open, if you only believe. Remember: angel blessings are a great comfort, not a harmful tool. Its having hope & faith in your journey, believing in our Lord & Savior & GOD. 

We are all spiritual guides in our life, going in different directions to move forward in our journey. I believe that there is a positive path for all of us. As your spiritual reader & healer, I work hard to bring you to a new level of understanding. I will teach you how to stay grounded and focused on your new beginnings.

My Approach

Life is what you believe and what you put into it. If you love yourself, life will also give you love, abundance, and the spiritual foundation of support so you can move forward in the right direction.

Here to Serve You

I am looking forward to our conversation! Please message me at 702-808-7116 or send an email to to set a private appointment. I proudly serve clients worldwide as well as in Ocean City, Maryland. Carolina Beach, NC. Pawley's Island, SC. and Clear Water, Beach, FLA. Much abundance always!

As a reader & healer, I can also help you understand why you are in a particular situation and why you allow yourself to continue the same negative behavior. I can help you understand why you repeat these same cycles and identify thought patterns that may cause blocks. In doing so, you’ll discover your personal power.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

At Diamond Astrology, I value my customers and their privacy. I do not, under any circumstances, give or sell any information you provide with to any third parties, ever, anywhere, anytime!

Psychic readings are - by law - for entertainment purposes only and do not purport to render any kind of guarantee. Legally speaking, if you get a psychic reading, it is an entertainment service you are purchasing.

Psychic readings should absolutely not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem, disease, or psychological problem, as psychic consultation is not a substitute for professional care.

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